English as a Second Language Home Tutoring for Adult Newcomers

ESL Home Tutoring for Adult Newcomers

English Language Tutoring for the Ottawa Community provides individualized and accessible English as a Second Language training at no charge for eligible newcomers who cannot attend regular ESL classes.

Volunteer tutors go into the learners’ homes to teach practical English for day-to-day life, based on a personalized curriculum developed by our ESL Education Counsellors. Topics include buying food, taking the bus, visiting the doctor, speaking to a child’s teacher, talking on the phone, reading mail and flyers, accessing social services, using the library, searching for housing, preparing for the citizenship tests, preparing for a job interview, job specific vocabulary, and much more.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for our services you must be:

  1. an adult newcomer (18 years of age or older)
  2. a Permanent Resident of Canada (Landed Immigrant) or Convention Refugee;
  3. unable to attend other English classes; and,
  4. a resident of Ottawa, Ontario.

Please note that we cannot provide services to Refugee Claimants and Canadian Citizens.

How to Register

  1. Print and complete the ELTOC Student Referral Form and email it to [email protected] eltoc.ca OR call the office at 613-232-8566 and provide your information over the phone. We can take the information in English, French, Spanish or Arabic.
  2. We will verify your eligibility and place you on a waiting list for the next available tutor. (Waiting times can vary drastically, but overall average is currently 3 months.)
  3. A language assessment will be required by the Language Assessment and Resource Centre (LARC): 613-238-5462 LARC website  (Please note that we do not test language skills of learners.)
  4. Once a tutor is available, we will contact you. Matching is done based on mutual location, gender, time, and availability.


I couldn’t understand English, but after tutoring it was easier to go to doctor appointments and grocery shopping alone. I want to improve my English and then I want to find a job.

I am able to be less fearful when I go out and able to talk a little bit and understand what people tell me when I am approached by someone which helped with my confidence and my stay in Canada. My plan for the future is to continue learning English and hopefully become a fluent speaker and I hope to be able to help my children with their school work and go out comfortably and depend on myself. I am very grateful and I think the program was a great choice for me.

I was afraid to go out of my apartment. Now I go out to school and shopping. She (her ELTOC tutor) taught me how to take the bus. She encouraged me to go to LINC class or adult school. She helped me to find the appropriate school. In September I will go to adult school. Then I will go to university or college. I want a good job. I was very happy with the experience I had with my ELTOC tutor.