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WorkshopVideo nameYouTube Link
Lesson PlanningWarm up and Review
LiteracyWorkshop on Literacy Part 1
Workshop on Literacy Part 2
Zoom-Engaging your LearnerVideo 1 Zoom workshop Using PDFs
Video 2 Using a Word Document
Video 3 Learner Annotate on Pdf and Website
Video 4 Learner Annotate Toolbar with Whiteboard
Video 5 What the learner sees on their phone
Zoom- Whiteboard and Annotate Tool BarWhy use the whiteboard?
Whiteboard annotate toolbar
Zoom Annotate toolbar for PDF and website
How to use Zoom Screen Share FeaturesScreen Share Icon
New Share
Pause Share
Quizlet and Active Reading
Using ESL Library
Other features of ESL LibraryDigital Task Player
Where to find videos
Volunteer OrientationCLB 1
Jane’s Literacy Lesson
Kelly’s Lesson
Joan Video Part 1
Joan Video Part 2