Literacy – Pre-CLB

Listening / SpeakingReadingWriting
Say and repeat each letter.Find the vowels.Tracing letters with their fingers.
Say the word and they say the letter. i.e. You say apple, they say “a” or vice versa.Scramble letters of their name and get learner to put it in order.Write letters out of order and learner puts them in order.
Listen and circle/point.Bow Valley Readers at name, family names, vocabulary
Listen and match
Vocabulary words by themeDictation: write the word
Make a story with pictures at: the story you makeWrite a story together
Practice a variety of alphabet activities:
- Listen
Read words and lettersWrite words and letters
Flashcards, colourful pics, low level grammar, phonics:, basic match exercisesWrite the word, trace letters