Frequently Asked Questions

ELTOC volunteer tutors come from all social, professional, and academic backgrounds. Many tutors were newcomers to Canada themselves. They all share a passion for helping others and assisting newcomers in becoming fully integrated into Canadian society.

No.  Many of our tutors have no prior teaching experience. Ongoing support and access to teaching materials are available through our staff.

No.  Good language skills are important, but for the most part our learners need help with understanding and using basic, everyday English.

Our learners are adult newcomers to Canada. They come from all over the world. Tutors are matched up with learners according to tutoring preferences (online/in-person) and availability.

Tutoring sessions are held online or in-person in the learner’s home.
– Online lessons use a variety of platforms, but the most common one is Zoom.
– For in-person tutoring, tutors are matched with learners who live in close proximity.