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Thank you for considering making a donation to ELTOC !

ELTOC (English Language Tutoring for the Ottawa Community) is a not-for-profit organization that receives approximately 96% of its budgetary requirements in the form of grants from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (C.I.C.) under LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada). ELTOC has had a longstanding relationship with C.I.C. and is very appreciative of the funding it has received over the past many years.

In 2010, the federal government introduced a change in policy regarding the funding of immigrant settlement and language instruction services which led ELTOC to lose a portion of its C.I.C. funding. The government reallocated funding for immigrant services across the country in response to changing immigration patterns. Ontario, which had experienced a decrease in the number of new immigrant arrivals, had its share of funding reduced (along with Quebec and British Columbia) while other areas of Canada that had had an increase in arrivals, received an increase in funding. All immigrant service providers in Ottawa have been affected and ELTOC has had to take on a share of the reductions even though the demand for its service (as reflected in a growing waiting list) has been increasing.

With an already modest budget, the reductions in funding since 2010 have brought unavoidable impacts to ELTOC’s operations and have necessitated a greater need for fundraising. ELTOC is endeavoring to maintain the quality of the services provided to students and tutors and is looking to others in the community to help through making a donation. Donations will help to fund the purchase of tutor training supplies and teaching resources and cover tutor recruitment costs (advertisements and brochures).

ELTOC is also looking for support for its ’Literacy Support Pilot Project’ which will be launched in fall 2013.This project will test  a new service delivery model aimed at better serving our literacy students (i.e., those who have had little or no previous education). More details about this project will be provided in the near future.

Your donation to ELTOC would be greatly appreciated!


You can also help ELTOC by donating to the Heartwood House, a charity dedicated to providing affordable accommodation for nonprofits and charities.